Traditional Genealogy & Family Research

Let us use our years of experience to help you solve a tough family history problem, or find family members using traditional and genealogical methods to help you confirm and expand your family tree. We have access to millions of research records, as well as Researchers with specific areas of expertise who are happy to act as your guide to achieving your genealogy goals! So whether you need our help building out your very first Family Tree or researching a particular ancestor in great depth – you’ve come to the right place!

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Genetic Genealogy

Genetic genealogy has quickly become an essential part of the family history toolkit, but it’s important to understand what it can – and can’t – do. When coupled with traditional genealogical experience, DNA testing can be used to help provide proof of ancestral connections, connect you with living cousins and guide your research toward promising possibilities and away from dead ends. It is not a silver bullet – its value is limited without the concurrent use of traditional family research methods to evaluate and document a paper trail that can be substantiated by DNA evidence.

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Forensic Genealogy

Genetic Genealogy has emerged as a powerful forensic tool for solving cold cases. The media has highlighted this methodology and its value in clearing cold cases, the methodology is not widely understood. In working as a Team in our blended approach, we’ll help to educate your investigators on standard genealogical practices and methodologies to help them understand these powerful new tools, what DNA analysis can and can’t do, the possible pitfalls and gotchas, and the proof standard. Let us help you learn to apply Genetic Genealogy to cold case identifications and provide you support as you complete an investigation, or if you’d prefer, we can take the lead.

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Probate & Heir Search Services

With one of the most experienced and dependable genealogy teams, DavisDNA And Family Research offer kinship research services for its clients. Our professional researchers use their expertise, along with tried and tested genealogical methods and techniques, to track and document details of unknown or missing beneficiaries for legal matters like probate.