Genetic Genealogy Services

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Genetic genealogy uses modern DNA testing in combination with historical records and traditional genealogical information to infer the relationship between individuals. Massive popular interest in learning about genetic ancestry and ease of communication has given rise to direct-to-consumer DNA testing services.

Although most of these reports contain information about the geographical origins and genetic predispositions of individuals, genetic genealogy services take it one step further.


Applications of Genetic Genealogy

Genetic genealogy takes the genetic information you’ve obtained about yourself and can help compare it with DNA information from millions of other people. The higher the percentage match between two people’s DNA, the more closely they are related to each other.

For individuals looking to find a lost family member or find birth parents through DNA or find biological father through data, genetic genealogy acts as a powerful tool during the search. You can hire a genetic genealogist to combine genetic information with traditional paper trail techniques such as combing through public records to determine someone’s lineage with substantial veracity.


Hire a Genetic Genealogist

On the other hand, if you want to hire a genetic genealogist to review your family for you, our experts at well-equipped to handle your request. We take the information you’ve received from the DNA testing service provider and compare it with publicly available DNA information online. Using statistical models and advanced genetic genealogy methods, we exhaust all resources to help you find answers about your lineage and ancestry.

With several decades of experience in professional genealogy, our team can offer customized genetic genealogy services to meet your individual needs. We’re particularly proficient in handling requests that require:

  • Solving enigmas regarding adoption as a child
  • Confirming family histories
  • Discovering unknown parentage
  • Use and adept understanding of large genealogical databases
  • More information to expand family trees
  • Combing through other records for supporting information

With our genetic genealogy services, the possibilities are limitless.

Genetic genealogy can help people find their biological  parents and lost family members, but it can also help detectives and law authorities generate new leads for cold cases.

While DNA testing combined with traditional family research methods can help track a biological parent or lost branches of your family, forensic genealogy and other investigative data can help in other ways, too, by identifying family groups and individuals that can lead to persons of interest to law enforcement

Let us help you clear up your family mysteries with our genetic and traditional  genealogy services Proven blended methodology solves family puzzles with DNA.