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Discover Your Immigrant Ancestors with Exceptional DNA Testing by DavisDNA and Family Research

Have you been on the lookout for professional and accurate DNA testing services to reconnect with your family by discovering family relationships? DavisDNA and Family Research are at your service.

Our Florida-based company offers excellent DNA testing services that are designed to help our clients discover their immigrant ancestors and trace their family history with unparalleled accuracy.

Specializing in genetic genealogy, we also take pride in our traditional research methods and innovative DNA analysis  techniques.

Autosomal DNA testing is one of the most effective  tools for uncovering both close and distant relatives on both sides of your family. With our DNA testing services for tracing your immigrant ancestors, you will be able to get a detailed picture of your heritage, encompassing both maternal and paternal lineages.

This will also help you get an in-depth idea of your ancestor’s immigration history which involves movement from multiple regions.


Finding Family Relationships with DNA Testing

DavisDNA and Family Research stands out as one of the leading genealogy research service providers. We utilize autosomal DNA tests to correctly identify both close and distant relatives on both sides of the family and have a comprehensive approach to provide you with a holistic view of your genetic heritage.

Whether you’re aiming to trace your immigrant ancestors or are seeking to discover your ancestor’s history, our DNA testing services can be instrumental in discovering lost family branches. Our research can be your guide on the captivating exploration of your heritage.

Our research team is led by our managing director, Christine Klauberg Davis, an experienced and highly qualified genealogist with a remarkable 28-year track record in genetic genealogy and traditional family research.

Our extensive experience with DNA testing combined with our expertise in speaking and writing on genealogy ensures that our clients receive top-notch guidance and insights on their heritage.

How Can We Empower You On Your Quest To Discover Your Immigrant Ancestors

Here’s how DavisDNA and Family Research can help you with finding ancestral connections.

Unearth Living Relations

With our DNA testing services, you can connect with living cousins who share your ancestral backgrounds. These connections can provide you with information and unlock family stories and traditions.

Strengthen Immigration Applications

Documented genealogical research backed with DNA evidence can provide compelling proof of ancestral connections. This can strengthen your immigration applications by solidifying your eligibility and lineage.

Overcome Research Roadblocks

With our DNA test results, you can direct your research efforts toward more promising avenues. By identifying potential ancestral origins, DavisDNA and Family Research can help you avoid potential dead ends and explore fruitful paths for further investigation.

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DavisDNA and Family Research combine both leading-edge genetic testing methods and traditional family research techniques. By connecting with us, you’ll be able to uncover your family’s unique story and find your immigrant ancestors.

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