Probate & Heir Search Services

With one of the most experienced and dependable genealogy teams you’ll find, DavisDNA And Family Research offer kinship research services for its clients. Our professional researchers use their expertise, along with tried and tested genealogical methods and techniques, to track and document details of unknown or missing beneficiaries for legal matters like probate.

Our genealogical experts work closely with clients to rebuild family trees to uncover new branches and next of kin. We have helped several clients, including many trust fund managers, law firms, executors, attorneys, and even families.

How amazing. Who knew we had so many relatives that we were never told of. Relations were somewhat of a mystery in our family.  DavisDNA & Family Research is certainly more than competent in the genealogy department!”  MB

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What Our Probate Heir Search Services Include

Our heir research services are comprehensive and cover all the bases where probate research is concerned. Here’s a brief breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Identifying unknown or missing heirs to trusts, estates, or guardianships for probate or other legal matters
  • Locating and acquiring relevant documentation that proves the heirship, including vital record searches
  • DNA kinship verification
  • Development of pedigree charts and family trees (including reconstruction or validation where required)
  • Traditional and family history searches with and without a will
  • Foreign research
  • Interim reports with the exact status of the search
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Benefits of Working with Us for Your Probate Research

  • Our toolkit includes traditional and forensic genealogy techniques to complete missing heir searches for our clients, including DNA integration.
  • We have years of experience in traditional, genetic and investigative genealogy and have expertise in a wide range of ethnic and geographic research areas.
  • We can rebuild a family tree to find the correct line of succession in even the most difficult branches of the family tree.
  • We make sure to keep you in the loop throughout the entire research process!
  • Affordable hourly fees to help you make the most of our services.

Hire A Genealogist To Make Your Heir Search Easier!

At DavisDNA & Family Research, we’re focused on making the genealogy process easier for our clients. Our heir locator services are tailored to your requirements to help you get the best possible results.

We do not accept contingency or percentage-based fees; we work exclusively on a reasonable hourly fee.  We will make a recommendation based on the specifics of a given case as to a proposed budget.  If the search is incomplete at the end of the initial hourly scope, an interim report will be provided, which will document the status of the search, and a decision will be made with our client as to the next steps.  We have successfully completed dozens of missing heir searches and offer a free consultation to evaluate your case.


Professional Heir Search Services: Discovering Legacies with DavisDNA And Family Research

Navigating the intricate world of probate and heir search demands precision and expertise. At DavisDNA And Family Research, our expert probate research specialists excel in unraveling kinship puzzles, offering comprehensive heir search solutions that uphold accuracy and integrity.

ComprehensiveProfessional Heir Search Services

Our heir research services are built on a foundation of experience, reliability, and meticulousness. With an adept team by your side, you can expect a wide spectrum of probate-related services:


  • Probate Estate Beneficiary Tracing
  • Acquiring crucial documentation that substantiates heirship, including meticulous vital record searches.
  • Probate Succession Research
  • DNA kinship verification to solidify connections.
  • Developing detailed pedigree charts and family trees, reconstructing or validating where necessary.
  • Conducting traditional and family history searches, both with and without a will.
  • Tackling complex foreign research.
  • Probate Asset Location Services
  • Providing interim reports that keep you informed of the search’s progress.

Why Choose Davis DNA And Family Research

Our heir search consultants understand the intricacies of heir searches, leveraging both traditional and cutting-edge techniques to bring clarity to legal matters. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Our wealth of experience spans traditional, genetic, and investigative genealogy across diverse ethnic and geographical contexts.
  • We can help with professional probate asset discovery as well as probate succession research.
  • We excel in reconstructing complex family trees and identifying rightful heirs even within challenging branches.
  • Our transparent approach keeps you engaged throughout the research process.
  • Our reasonable hourly fees ensure cost-effectiveness.

Simplify Your Heir Search

At Davis DNA And Family Research, our focus is your convenience. Our probate genealogy investigators tailor our heir locator services to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

We commit to reasonable hourly fees and reject contingency or percentage-based structures. Our recommendations for the budget are tailored to each case’s unique requirements.

If your search extends beyond the initial scope, you’ll receive an interim report detailing the current status and outlining the way forward. Our probate and heir search specialists have successfully completed numerous missing heir searches, serving trust fund managers, law firms, attorneys, families, and more—they’re your best bet for fast probate and heir location.


Expertise and Resources

Our inheritance heir search professionals rely on a vast array of sources, including genealogists and researchers nationwide, international genealogists, and access to the Salt Lake City Family History Library, as well as numerous other genealogical databases and resources..

We harness cutting-edge databases and archives, ensuring

the most thorough and accurate results during heir search for unclaimed assets. Our services are founded on non-percentage-based, flat-rate, or hourly fees aligned with your search’s scope. To ensure the highest quality, we carry a million dollars of professional liability insurance.

Discover Your Legacy

Let DavisDNA And Family Research illuminate the path to understanding your heritage. Our probate and heir search experts unravel mysteries, restore rightful legacies, and provide clarity to complex genealogical journeys.

Contact us today for a free consultation and allow our expert team to guide you through the intricacies of probate research so you can locate missing heirs with experts!