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Traditional Genealogy & Family Research

Need a hand building or expanding a Family Tree or answering a pesky question about your Ancestors? Or do you need to prove descendancy for membership in organizations such as the DAR or Mayflower Society? Want to produce a unique Family Book using sourced genealogical research? We can help!


Genetic Genealogy

Genetic Genealogy is an essential part of our Toolkit. We specialize in helping Adoptees and Birth Parents find a lost family – and have facilitated many wonderful reunions. If you need help getting started – let us help you understand which DNA tests are the best option given your particular circumstances!


Forensic Genealogy

Are you a Law Enforcement Agency in need of forensic genealogical research to help solve a cold case, or do you need to get up to speed on how to use these important new tools? We can help with education, guidance or a range of research services to support your teams, customized to meet your specific needs.


Coaching, Writing & Speaking

Confused about where to test, or which test to take? Need a coach or mentor to get started on your own – or an experienced Researcher to do the grunt work for you? We can help with customized coaching and mentoring services designed just for you, and can offer webinars, writing and speaking engagements as well.

a DNA detective working online

4 FAQs About Online DNA Detectives

Whether it’s to find a birth parent, learn more about one’s ethnic heritage, or join a hereditary society, there are many reasons why people hire online DNA detectives. If you’re curious to learn more, keep...
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the GEDmatch logo

Everything You Need to Know About the GEDmatch Database

Consumer genetic testing has grown at an explosive rate over the last few years. A report by the MIT Technology Review indicated that an estimated 26 million people had taken genetic ancestry tests by the end of 2018....
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Why is Genetic Genealogy Important

Genetic Genealogy uses DNA testing to infer relationships between individuals, find any genetic similarities, and trace ancestry.
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a man standing in front of a bookshelf

3 Must-Read Books from the DavisDNA Genealogy Bookshelf

Would you be surprised to know that Genealogy is the most popular hobby in the world?  More and more people want to go back to their roots and learn about their family trees. If you’re in the same boat, here are...
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