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Traditional Genealogy & Family Research

Need a hand building or expanding a Family Tree or answering a pesky question about your Ancestors? Or do you need to prove descendancy for membership in organizations such as the DAR or Mayflower Society? Want to produce a unique Family Book using sourced genealogical research? We can help!


Genetic Genealogy

Genetic Genealogy is an essential part of our Toolkit. We specialize in helping Adoptees and Birth Parents find a lost family – and have facilitated many wonderful reunions. If you need help getting started – let us help you understand which DNA tests are the best option given your particular circumstances!


Forensic Genealogy

Are you a Law Enforcement Agency in need of forensic genealogical research to help solve a cold case, or do you need to get up to speed on how to use these important new tools? We can help with education, guidance or a range of research services to support your teams, customized to meet your specific needs.


Probate & Heir Search Services

With one of the most experienced and dependable genealogy teams, DavisDNA And Family Research offer kinship research services for its clients. Our professional researchers use their expertise, along with tried and tested genealogical methods and techniques, to track and document details of unknown or missing beneficiaries for legal matters like probate.

A black-and-white photograph of military officers

Discovering Military Ancestors: Tips To Research Military Records And Related Archives

Having military ancestors in your family tree can be very exciting because  they can instantly expand  your pool of resources. From military records to other related archives, there are plenty of new sources you can...
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A black and white photograph showing a large family with multiple generations

7 Ways To Make Genealogy Research Easier For Your Future Generations

Do you often wish that your ancestors had left you more genealogy clues that you’re currently working with? That might be all of us family researchers at some point. If only they had labeled that one photo, or if only...
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old notebooks

Unlocking Ancestral Clues: Tips for Successful Probate and Heir Search Research

Unraveling the mysteries of your family's history often involves sifting through an intricate web of legal documents, historical records, and the complexities of probate and heir search research. It's an exciting but...
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5 Underrated Genealogy Websites And Sources That You Might Be Ignoring

Genealogy research has become increasingly popular in recent years, with numerous online platforms and resources catering to the needs of family historians. While popular websites like and...
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As a genetic and traditional genealogy research practice, the professional genealogists and online DNA analysts at DavisDNA & Family Research help clients explore the hidden mysteries in their genes and Family Trees.

Our online DNA consultants can guide you toward the best DNA tests, help interpret the DNA test results and guide you further about DNA testing for ancestry. We can also help with ancestry DNA investigation, understanding your heritage, helping adoptees find their biological families, and even discover pathways to long-lost family branches.

As trusted online DNA analysis service providers, our team is prepared to help you with all your genealogy needs. Besides traditional genealogy services, we also offer help with forensic genealogy!

Whether you’ve got a family secret you need to confirm or a cold case that has to be cracked, let us help you out! Get on board with our expert DNA Detectives and Genealogists right away for all your genealogy needs!

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