Traditional Genealogy and Family Research Services


DavisDNA & Family Research has over 50 years of combined research experience in genealogy. Our experts can handle the most complex genealogical mysteries, help clients track down unknown parents or find lost family members, perform record searches, and build your family tree, among other projects.

Our traditional genealogy services also help in providing the foundation for other goals, such as identifying heirs to an estate, joining an ancestral lineage community, finding biological family roots, gaining citizenship to the ancestral country of origin, or traveling to your ancestral home for a heritage tour.

Discover Online Family History with DNA Analysis

The wealth of information found online has made it possible for individuals to discover more about their ancestry than ever. While previously, individuals had to look for physical evidence across multiple physical locations, the internet has made it much easier to access information in one place.

With that said, combing through several million terabytes of data requires skill. At DavisDNA, our team has the expertise needed to perform targeted searches and uncover new genealogical information while offering online family history DNA analysis.


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Choose how much professional time you want for your online family history research, and our team of expert researchers will get right to it. Talk to us about what you already know and your goals for the research, and we’ll take it from there.

Our customized plans for each client may include the following:

  • An online family tree
  • Discovery and confirmation of as many ancestors as possible
  • Ongoing updates about the research
  • An email with an overview of the search once it’s complete
  • A comprehensive report detailing the steps and methodologies employed during the research process
  • Copies of all photos, documents, clippings, images, and other evidence uncovered

Benefits of Working with DavisDNA

We have a keen eye for family tree information. Our experts are skilled at reverse-engineering family trees and applying different methods to find new paths. Even when we have the same information as non-professionals, our genealogists are able to find novel solutions to old roadblocks.

We have access to extensive resources. Our professionals are able to dig deep to access on-the-ground research and elusive resources for maximum success.


We understand historical contexts. With several decades of experience in the industry, our researchers are able to develop unique insights because they understand how past events might have likely impacted your ancestors.

We can also help you find your family tree. If you’re looking to identify distant relatives or find a biological parent, then we can combine traditional genealogy and family research with DNA analysis to uncover more about your biological history.

We offer several related products and services. If you’re looking to learn more about how to interpret genetic geology and techniques for finding ancestral information, we’ve got a whole host of online tools and resources for you!