Forensic Genealogy Services


Forensic genetic genealogy is a rapidly growing field of forensics that allows detectives to solve cold cases using genetic information. This powerful tool combines DNA found at the crime scene with direct-to-consumer DNA tests that have been published on public platforms. In cases where traditional investigative techniques run into roadblocks, forensic genealogy services can be employed to uncover new leads for unresolved cases.


How Does Forensic Genealogy Work?

Forensic genealogy uses crime scene DNA evidence and compares it with publicly available DNA information available using tools such as GEDMatch Comparison. Many people post direct-to-consumer DNA results online on public forums in an effort to learn more about their ancestry or to find long-lost relatives. Investigators can use this information to match the DNA found at the crime scene and uncover potential suspects.

Members of law enforcement agencies can get in touch to learn more about our services or to find our investigative genealogy services’ prices.


The technique relies on the principle that everyone was related at some point. The degree to which two people’s DNA matches can help uncover exactly how close the relationship is and help narrow down the pool of suspects. Suppose a genealogist can find a cousin of a suspect who has left behind DNA evidence at the crime scene. In that case, investigators can reverse-engineer the family tree to uncover more information about the suspect.


How Can DavisDNA Help?

The efficacy of forensic genealogy is as credible as the skills of the genealogist. Effective interpretation requires training and an in-depth understanding of how genealogy works. A flawed or incomplete analysis can lead to biases and even overlook subtle nuances needed for accurate interpretation.

At DavisDNA, our team of professional genealogy experts have several decades of combined experience reviewing, analyzing, and interpreting genetic information. If your team is looking for more guidance on how to understand and implement genetic genealogy techniques to cold case identifications, our forensic genealogy services are just what you need.

We can help train law enforcement agents and detectives in the use of genetic information for investigative purposes. Our forensic genealogy services cover:

  • Forensic genealogy methods
  • Applications of DNA analysis
  • Limitations of DNA analysis
  • Proof standards

If you require, we can also provide more comprehensive solutions along with support. If you’ve got a cold case on hand and need expert analysis, our team can take the lead. We can uncover detailed genetic information and potential leads for suspects in your case quickly and efficiently. With our online forensic genealogy services, you can rest assured that we’re using advanced forensic genealogy techniques and years of expertise to give you results.