Why Adoptees Almost Always Want To Know About Their Birth Parents

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While it’s not possible to give an exact figure, it is a very well-known fact that a very high percentage of adoptees show interest in finding their biological family roots. There are a lot of reasons to explain why they wish to find this information.


According to one study involving a sample of American adopted adolescents, about 72 percent of adoptees tried to find their birth parents because they wanted to know why they were given up for adoption. About 65 percent hoped to meet their birth parents, while 94 percent wanted to know which parent they looked like.


Here are some of the reasons why adoptees try to find their birth information and other facts about their biological roots.

Just Out of Curiosity

Imagine learning one day that you were adopted —wouldn’t you have a million questions whirling in your head? We can think of a few:


  • Why was I adopted?
  • When and where was I adopted?
  • Who were my birth parents, and why did they give me up for adoption?
  • What would my life be like if I hadn’t been adopted?


And these are only just the basics. The more you find out, the more curious you’d be. It’s the same for most adoptees looking for birth parents; they’re looking for some answers to satiate their deep curiosity.

Health-Related Reasons

Of course, sometimes it’s more than mere curiosity. Some adoptees looking for their birth parents have essential questions that relate to their health and their family’s health history.


Think of the number of times a doctor has asked you if a condition runs in your family. That’s impossible and awkward for adoptees to answer unless they know enough about their birth parents. And in many cases, it’s a crucial question when your doctor is making a diagnosis and when you’re trying to make informed decisions about your health.


To Find Their Core Identity

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We all need to know where we come from in order to have some idea of where we’re headed. At different points in their lives, people can feel lost and uncertain. In times like this, they often turn to their families, cultures, and roots to find themselves in the most essential way.


For many adoptees, finding their core identity becomes a mission almost as soon as they learn they’re adopted. Knowing that you’re adopted can awaken a disorienting sense of a lack of awareness that can make you feel lost. This is one of the most common reasons why many adoptees dig deeper into their birth information.

To Find A Genuine Bond

Some adoptees reported feeling a void and a sense of emptiness even before they knew they were adopted. They always had just felt different but could never really understand why. Once they discovered they were adopted, the void made sense but gave way to a new yearning to find the missing puzzle pieces.


So, a lot of adoptees are simply looking for their birth parents because they need to feel like they belong. If you’re in a similar boat and are trying to find birth parents through DNA or other methods, reach out to us.


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