5 Reasons To Start Researching Your Family’s History

An old family photograph

Interest in family history research has grown tremendously in the past few years. This is mainly because people find it to be a fun hobby. Moreover, with the abundance of online resources and records, people find family research easier than ever these days.

But that being said, people don’t try to research their family history just because it’s a fun pastime. Family research has some significant benefits, and it can lead to some significant discoveries as well.


Here are a few reasons you might want to look into your family’s history.

It Can Help You Feel Closer to Your Roots

One of the most popular reasons people indulge in family history research is because it connects them to their roots. All  of us like  belonging to a community or group with a common interest. Learning about our ancestors and where we came from can help to  cultivate a sense of personal identity, and it can make us feel like we belong somewhere.


Moreover, learning about your family’s past can also encourage you to create a better future for future  generations.

It Can Open Our Minds and Our Hearts

This is one of the most interesting and potentially impactful  things about family history research, especially here in the US. Racism and discrimination are talked about a lot these days, and  family history research and its potential role in countering these longstanding issues  are highly underrated.


The fact is that we are a nation of immigrants – whether our ancestors came to America in Colonial Times, as part of a diaspora involving millions who came from a far away land in the 19th century, or more recently as refugees determined to flee totalitarian governments or those in search of a better life for themselves and their children.. Knowing where we come from can help us be more accepting of other immigrants and their cultures and traditions.

It’s A Hobby You Can Share with Loved Ones

Another great reason to start researching your family history is because it’s a hobby you can share with your family – this type of activity can help to bring everyone – regardless of generation – closer together as you learn about your shared past.


Moreover, the research process may encourage you to get in touch with relatives that you’ve been out of touch with for a while. For instance, you may decide to visit a great aunt or uncle for an afternoon of family story telling!

It Can Connect You to Long-Lost Relatives

Besides reconnecting with relatives, family research might also lead you to  completely new relatives you didn’t even know existed.


As you begin constructing your family tree, you may get the chance to explore some branches can lead to family members who have become ‘lost’ over time. Or it might  turn out that your great-grandmother was adopted, a discovery that can  open up a new world of possibilities and a lot of new cousins, especially if coupled with DNA research!

It Can Help You Find Your Place Within A Like-Minded Community

As we mentioned earlier, interest in family history research is snowballing. And this means that there are a lot of people out there who’re just as interested in learning about their roots as you are. And the best part is that you can find many of them  in  Facebook groups and other online forums.


Connecting with these people can help you deal with brick walls in your research. They can share their tips and resources, and maybe you can help someone too!


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