5 Benefits Of Building Your Family Tree

An old black and white photograph of an old lady with 3 children

Popularinterest in building family trees has significantly grown in the past few years. This is partly due to the  widespread availability of DNA tests and the information readily available in online databases such as Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilySearch and other similar resources. These online data sources make it much easier forpeople to research their family histories and build their family trees.

But the concept of family trees goes beyond mere accessibility. Family trees represent one’s family history, and there are several reasons why people prefer having this visual representation  of family lines.

Building a family tree doesn’t just help you discover your  family history, but it’s also a great way to connect with your  own identity.

Here are some reasons why you might want to start building your own family’s tree, too!

It’s a Tangible Way To Keep Your Ancestors In Your Thoughts

A family tree is a great way to pay tribute to your loved ones,your ancestors and their lives, even if you didn’t know them at all.

When researching your family history, you’re likely to learn more about your ancestors’ lives, struggles, and achievements than you ever thought possible.  A well-researched tree is  a great way to honor them, and will help to keep them alive in the memories of those that come after you.

It Can Help You Connect With Living Relatives As Well

While a family tree is primarily going to help you connect with your ancestors and their lives, the process will also bring you closer to your living relatives in several ways.

An unfortunate fact is that because we lead hectic lives,many of us are unable to  visit or talk to even our close relatives except on holidays – not to mention more distant ones.

The process of building a family tree isn’t something that you have to do  alone. Engaging loved ones, especially older relatives, when collecting information and stories in addition to documents and photographs will result in a shared family effort to build a rich and complete tree.

It Can Help You Discover A Sense Of Belonging

One huge benefit of building a family tree is that it can take  you on a journey of self-discovery. Generally, most people like to know where they come from and who their ancestors were. This information can help you put your life in perspective while connecting to your family’s challenging or inspiring past.

This can reinforce the knowledge that  you belong to a community, and that there are many who came before you who lived lives full of joys and sorrows – reinforcing the understanding that you are never really alone. You may even find yourself resonating with their struggles and stories!

It Can Provide Important Health-related Insights About Your Family

This is a side benefit of building a family tree while learning more about your ancestors. At times, you may come across crucial medical information that could help you and your future generations.

For instance, the cause of death of a particular relative may have been a hereditary condition, and that information might help you become aware of potential health risks.

It Can Be A Fun Family Activity with Kids

One huge benefit of building a family tree is that its an incredibly fun and addicting activity. And while some people might prefer to build a family tree on their own, it’s also an activity you can and should share with your children. It’s a great way for them to learn more about their family roots and history.

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