• handcuffs and fingerprint information
    Forensic genealogy is the latest tool in the genealogist’s toolkit. Although law enforcement officials are still cautious about its use, it could  be the next big thing in investigative work since the introduction of DNA and fingerprint analysis. Since it’s
  • a person holding up a photo of their ancestors
    Consumer genetic testing has grown at an explosive rate over the last few years. According to an MIT Technology Review report, an estimated 26 million people had taken genetic ancestry tests by the start of 2019. Many more people opt
  • Did you know the U.S. has a much higher murder rate compared to other developed countries? With crime on the rise and suspects roaming loose, law enforcement agencies are taking specific measures to find criminals as soon as possible. This
  • DNA is present in almost all living beings and is the only molecule capable of reproducing itself. Often referred to as the building block of life, DNA carries important genetic information passed on through generations. What Does DNA do? DNA contains
  • DNA is the building block of life. However, when it comes to genetic testing, there is a lot of misinformation associated with the subject. Luckily, our team here at DavisDNA has dispelled some common myths so that you know exactly
  • Do you have the same hair color as other family members? Does your brother have the same eye color you do?