Fascinating Family Trees: Exploring The Oldest Bloodlines We Know—Part 1


If you really think about it, studying bloodlines isn’t exactly new for even rookie researchers. We’ve been doing that since school—in history classes! Bloodlines are clearly more than just ties to a family tree; they’re extensive roadmaps through histories relating to countries and specific families.

Also, since bloodlines are important to establish links to the past, they’re often crucial when things like power, legacy, and wealth are at stake, which is why it’s hardly surprising that some of the oldest known bloodlines and extensive family trees are those of royal families.


Here are a few that go back centuries.

The British Royal Family


To say that the British royal family is popular would be an understatement. The British monarchy has enjoyed significant fame and international attention throughout history and even today.


Needless to say, this fame is centuries-old and significant efforts have been made to preserve the British royal family’s bloodline and its records. In fact, there are claims and records suggesting that the bloodlines have roots dating back to the ninth century.


Given the royal family’s historical popularity and significant role in global and especially European history, the bloodline has some notable monarchs and historical figures. And in case you’re wondering who Prince George’s oldest ancestor is, it’s Alfred the Great—a deeply beloved historical figure in Britain’s history.

Royal Family of Denmark

To say that Denmark’s royal family was interesting would be an understatement. With unbelievable stories and legends, the Danish royal family’s bloodline was definitely one for the books.


Believe it or not, many historians have confirmed that the Danish monarchy’s bloodline does go all the way back to the Vikings. In fact, the current royal family’s tree begins with the infamous Gorm the Old—the Viking king that ruled over a unified Denmark all the way back in 958.


However, Gorm the Old isn’t even the only notable historical figure in Denmark’s royal family. There’s also Bluetooth Gormsson, Cnut the Great, Queen Margrete I, and of course, King Christian X.


The Kong Bloodline

Kong Bloodline

The Kong family bloodline goes so far back that it almost feels unreal; however, it’s listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest family tree, which definitely makes it more believable. Moreover, it’s a bloodline that can be easily verified using the Confucius Genealogy—a global registry, published periodically, of Kong Family descendants.


As you probably already know, Confucius is the founding father of the Kong family bloodline—according to all the available sources—and since he was born in 551 BC, that’s a bloodline spanning over 2500 years!



So, if you have the barest traces of Chinese ancestry in your family tree, it might be a good idea to dig deeper. Even if you’re not part of the infamous Kong family bloodline, Chinese family trees are generally better recorded, which may help your research immensely.


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