5 Must-See Genealogy-Related TV Shows To Inspire Your Family History Research

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In recent years, genealogy and family research has become popular here in the US and even across Europe. People are interested in learning about their roots for various reasons, but primarily because, in many instances, family history,  ancestral tales and connections can be fascinating.

This is primarily why many people aren’t just interested in discovering their family’s history but also in learning about other families’ fascinating stories and ancestral links. Those working in the entertainment sector have gradually realized America’s growing interest in genealogy and have responded with some stellar, high-rated shows to keep family researchers entertained and inspire others to follow suit.


Here are the ones you can start with.


Long Lost Family

This is a British documentary-style television series in which the hosts help reunite families that have been separated or have never met. It’s often an incredibly emotional show but is very intriguing too as you become part of the journey undertaken by participants trying to put together their family puzzle.


The show has reunited twins separated at birth as well as adopted children and their biological parents.

Who Do You Think You Are

This show is produced by BBC One and features celebrities like JK Rowling, Nigella Lawson, Patrick Stewart, and Graham Norton. The celebrities participating get the chance to investigate their family’s history and discover interesting facts about their ancestors that they never knew previously. The quests often lead to other countries and discoveries of inspiring stories of loss and success.


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Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, JR.

In this show, the renowned professor and his team of accomplished genealogists reconstruct paper trails left by the ancestors of celebrities and other influential people to make fascinating discoveries. They explore the roots of people from diverse backgrounds to find common connections and earliest forebearers.

Relative Race

The relative race is a reality show, and one of the most unique takes on family contests we’ve ever seen. In this race, four teams or families compete against one another to find new relatives for an amazing cash price. The race takes them across the US over 10 days, and the contestants’ DNA serves as their road map. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush all family researchers need in their lives!

The Genetic Detective

The Genetic Detective is an ABC show and features the infamous CeCe Moore. The investigative genetic genealogy expert teams up with law enforcement authorities to solve cases using DNA evidence. The show typically features complex and intriguing cases that have remained unsolved or resulted in wrongful convictions. The expert genealogist helps bring criminals to justice with her unique skill set.



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