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    Tracing your way back to your ancestor’s hometown is nothing less than a genealogical feat. Most family researchers are able to trace back their bloodlines through centuries, making it all the way to their immigrant ancestors. Yet, finding an immigrant
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    If you really think about it, studying bloodlines isn’t exactly new for even rookie researchers. We’ve been doing that since school—in history classes! Bloodlines are clearly more than just ties to a family tree; they’re extensive roadmaps through histories relating
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    We all know people who tell tall tales about being related to historically famous figures. Most of the time, we don’t really give their claims much attention, but things change drastically when we know they’re into genetic genealogy or family research—the
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    If you’re new to genealogy research, you may not even realize that you need a research plan. This is the case for many new family researchers when they’re just starting out. It’s only when they start following trails they’ve already been
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    A forensic genetic genealogist is also sometimes referred to as an investigative genetic genealogist, and in general, this field is relatively new. This is primarily why many people may not know about it in-depth, although they’ve probably heard about it thanks
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    The more you learn about your family’s history, the more complicated it can get. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to ensure a seamless research process. Questions to Ask Yourself before You Go For Genealogy
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    Trying to find an ancestor’s birth record to build your family tree? We’re here to help! We hope this blog answers all your questions related to birth records and why it’s impossible to locate them at times. Do The Birth
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    There’s nothing quite like using photographs for family research. The dates and information  you’ll find in other kinds of records are all important, but they don’t tell a story the way a photo does. Photographs can help you put faces
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    Whether you have Native American ancestry or not, chances are that you’ve already heard the Cherokee Princess myth. Many families may claim that they’re descended from a Cherokee princess—but they’re sadly mistaken.   Even if there’s no doubt about an