How A Professional Genealogist Can Help

Professional Genealogist

For most people, researching a family tree  is more of a hobby than anything else. Are you in the same boat?

If yes, then you probably don’t see the point of hiring a professional genealogist—it would take away all the fun, right? Wrong.


The thing about family research is that it tends to start out fun, but it’s an addicting hobby, and the deeper you get into your lineage, the more serious it gets. Therefore, getting help to stay on track isn’t the worst idea.


Moreover, professional genealogists can help with more than just family research; they also help with forensic and genetic genealogy, which can leadto crucial breakthroughs in complex cases.


Here are a few other ways a genealogist can help you out.


They Can Help Restore the Initial Excitement You Felt

Most people are very excited when they first start family research. Initially, it’s easier to find some basic facts. As you start making progress, the process becomes more exciting.


But it’s only a matter of time before this excitement turns into complete frustration as it gets harder to find the information you’re looking for. A professional genealogist can step in and help you organize your research at this point and steer you in the right direction if needed.


They Can Help You Get Past Brick Walls

If you’ve been doing your genealogy research for a while without making any progress, chances are that you’ve already hit a brick wall.


Brick walls are fairly common in family research, and while some are not that easy to knock down, a professional genealogist may be able to work a way around them.


Sometimes, you’re so deep into the research that it’s hard to step back and look at things from a different angle. So, a fresh perspective, especially from a professional genealogist, can help.


A Professional Genealogist Early On Can Help You Save Money

Believe it or not, a professional genealogist can help you save money in the long run.  Here’s why – in order to do serious research, you will soon find yourself paying  for a lot of database subscriptions, software, research-related books, and perhaps even travel. And  chances are that even after spending all that money, you might  end up (yikes!) with zero results.


On the other hand, hiring a professional  genealogist is guaranteed to get you results because they have carefully honed skills, they most likely already have access to all the necessary resources – even some you’ve never even heard of –  and they know exactly where and how to look for the information you need.


They Can Help Analyze DNA Test Results

A person conducting genealogy research

You’ve probably already taken a couple of autosomal DNA tests by different companies. But taking the tests is only the first step—the real quest starts when you get the results.


Professional genealogists are also called DNA consultants for a reason. They can tell you which steps you need to take after you take the DNA test.


So, if you’ve taken the DNA testing for ancestry and have no idea what to do next, get in touch with our online DNA analysts at DavisDNA& Family Research. We are online DNA analysis service providers, and we also offer forensic and traditional genealogy services.


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