Different Types Of DNA Tests To Know About

A person analyzing DNA integration data on a computer

Back in the day, the only way to learn more about our past and our ancestors was through relatives and historical documents. But today, those trying to discover their family history can go beyond snippets of information from vital records, family stories, and photographs—thanks to DNA tests.

However, there are various types of DNA tests. Each is designed for a specific purpose, and they all help us understand DNA in different ways. Our DNA is packed into chromosomes, and all of us have 23 pairs of these. Different tests are useful for analyzing the genetic information in those chromosomes.

With these DNA tests, we can learn more about ourselves, our ancestors, and where they came from. Here are the three most important DNA tests you need to know about:

1. Y-DNA Testing

2. mtDNA Testing

3. Autosomal DNA Testing

Unlike the Y and MtDNA tests that go back hundreds and thousands of years, autosomal tests offer more results that are more recent and hence relevant for family research. They explore the autosomal chromosomes in our body that carry our ethnic makeup and inherited traits. So, in a way, they help us learn more about ourselves as well as our ancestors who existed a few centuries ago.

Most family researchers prefer autosomal testing over other DNA tests because they offer a lot more information. In fact, this information can often help you fill the gaps in your family research since it’s linked to ethnicity and the geographical locations of your ancestors—it could be the key to getting you closer to your distant living relatives.

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