WW – Finding Digital Images on FamilySearch

This WACKY Wednesday episode is about finding digital images at FamilySearch – a particularly vexing topic when:— unindexed, browsable only— is it a digital book linked in the catalog— is it a digital book found under SEARCH > Books

– there is no DGS number
And to top it all off, the film number above the actual "beginning of film" number don’t match.

Cousin Russ ran into a little issue, and wanted to explore this with the assistance of our attendees.

If you cannot view the embedded video on your device, use this link: https://youtu.be/jLQG95BNthY
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00:22:05 Cousin Russ: https://www.familysearch.org/records/images/
00:22:19 Pat Jackson: Hi from Kentucky!
00:22:30 Michelle Grant: Hello from Omaha, Ne
00:22:33 Myra Lindgren: Good evening everyone!
00:23:37 Pam Wade: Hello from South Carolina
00:23:54 Myra Lindgren: Beautiful evening in Wyoming …
00:26:09 Maria Capaldi: I have not.
00:26:17 Myra Lindgren: Varies-as many as 5-10
00:26:22 Melinda Culpon: depends on what you are looking at
00:44:11 Cousin Russ: https://www.familysearch.org/records/images/image-details?page=1&place=10962290&rmsId=TH-1942-38919-2056-22&imageIndex=1198&singleView=true
00:50:37 Maria Capaldi: Please set to All Panelist and Attendees, thank you 🙂
00:55:53 Maria Capaldi: lol
01:01:15 Maria Capaldi: They really need to work on this.
01:04:02 Melinda Culpon: but you can search the entire document from the bottom of that digital book viewer
01:11:40 Melinda Culpon: look at the bottom magnifying glass
01:12:20 Melinda Culpon: that is find for the browser
01:12:37 Melinda Culpon: yep
01:13:33 Melinda Culpon: this is helpful because of sharing different books from other libraries
01:13:49 Melinda Culpon: it will resolve
01:15:42 Melinda Culpon: microfilmed book vs digital book, vs books – LOL
01:17:20 Maria Capaldi: The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing…… lol
01:17:42 Melinda Culpon: won’t in the future they will be using the DGS numbers?
01:20:20 Linda Stufflebean: Dave – I am looking forward to my first NERGC participation tomorrow.
01:22:51 Karen Looney: Thanks!

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Posted On: April 9, 2021 at 01:04AM