Women’s History Month 2021: FamilySearch and the Museum

One of the go-to genealogy websites is FamilySearch. So how does FamilySearch help us with our search for female ancestors in the museum? Surprisingly, the website offers quite a bit in terms of the museum. You just have to know where to look.

I’m going to suggest two places on FamilySearch to look for museum content. First, the FamilySearch Catalog

A keyword search for "museum" returns over 7,000 results. When I limit results to those that are just online, I receive over 3,000 results. Newsletters and exhibit publications are predominant but there are also more genealogically relevant information such as indexes. Consider this entry for the Kelley House Historical Museum genealogy index. I’ve highlighted the genealogical information found on this museum source.

The nice thing about browsing the Catalog is you might find something unexpected like this book on early British and Irish women silversmiths.

Finally, let’s consider the FamilySearch Digital Library which extends beyond the collection of FamilySearch and includes 12 other libraries.

Obviously, a search on the keyword "museum" will return countless results. The benefit is the Digital Library allows you to conduct a search of 12 libraries all in one place. However, I’d recommend trying a more focused search such as adding the name of a state or type of museum, and then using the tools found on the left-side of the page to narrow your results further.

I mentioned in the Not at the Museum post, museum content can be found where genealogists research, not just at the museum. Take some time today to re-think how you use familiar websites. 

Source: Gena’s Genealogy http://philibertfamily.blogspot.com/

Posted On: March 22, 2021 at 01:24PM