Transcribe records from the 1917 Halifax Explosion

If you have some time to spare and an interest in history, you may want to transcribe records from the Halifax Explosion disaster in 1917 on the Transcribe section of the Nova Scotia Archives website.

Transcribe is the Nova Scotia Archives’ crowdsourcing initiative where the public can transcribe handwritten and typed historical materials. In the case of the Archibald MacMechan – Halifax Disaster Record Office Materials, almost all of the material is typewritten.

Just pick a page and start typing. You can transcribe one page, two pages, or several.

The records consist of materials created and accumulated by Archibald MacMechan in the course of his employment at the Halifax Disaster Record Office, 1917-1918, including correspondence, copies of reports, memoranda, journals containing typed notes, press clippings, and personal reminiscences detailing events of the Halifax Explosion. 

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Posted On: December 29, 2020 at 06:11AM