Search Newspapers for Anything

Some genealogists are great at searching newspapers and digital images of books for names of relatives, but remember that they can help you with other aspects of your family history research as well. For some of these items, searches will need to be restricted to specific newspapers or geographic regions to keep the number of search results manageable.

Here is a short list of ideas to help get your creative energy flowing:

  • items from an estate inventory that can be read but which you do not understand,
  • names of businesses in an estate inventory whose business you do not understand,
  • names of military units,
  • names of ministers,
  • names of churches,
  • street names (perhaps with house number),
  • name of school (perhaps restricted by graduation year if known),
  • telephone numbers,
  • Geographic locations.

Readers of the blog are free to ad suggestions of their own.

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Source: Genealogy Tip of the Day

Posted On: April 10, 2021 at 06:41PM