Researching little and often

Researching little and often

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Ten days into May, I am happy to report that I’ve kept up my daily research (except for one day). Typically when I finish a 30 x 30 challenge, I stop researching for days at a time. But this time, I am trying to do a little research every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

I find that when I’m able to research every day, it keeps me connected to my research and more inclined to start the next day. I pick up right where I left off and get right to work. (I’m working through the follow-up folder I created during the April challenge.)

In organizing, I talk about the concept of little and often quite a bit. If you’re trying to declutter, for example, daily effort can be so much more productive (and painless) than trying to put aside a full or half day to declutter. I think genealogy is more fun for most people than decluttering, but the same concept applies. You’ll make progress if you put in just a few minutes a day and you’ll stay connected to your research questions and quandaries.

I urge you to embrace little and often in your research (and other areas of your life)!

A quick thank you to all who purchased How I Do It or The Orderly Roots Bundle during the launch last week. I was so pleased that so many of you bought the guides and I hope you’re finding them helpful!

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Posted On: May 11, 2021 at 10:25AM