Pat Rand 2020 Hartzog Award Winner

It is great to see someone recognized for his or her outstanding service contributing information for the benefit of others. Here is a recent announcement from the National Park Service, a service of the U.S. Department of the interior:

Palo Alto Battlefield NHP is pleased to announce that park volunteer Pat Rand was awarded the Regional Hartzog Enduring Service Award for 2020

The Hartzog Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service recognizes the exemplary contributions of these very important people. Former NPS director George Hartzog, Jr. and his wife Helen created a fund to support awards that honor the efforts of volunteers who go beyond the normal call of duty.

The Hartzog Enduring Service Award recognizes an individual who made a significant difference through specific volunteer work that has a sustained, positive impact and advances the NPS mission.

Preserving Stories

The U.S.-Mexican War Soldiers and Sailors Database commemorates the veterans who sacrificed in this war. This resource helps Palo Alto Battlefield NHP fulfill its mission of preserving the stories of these veterans and allows visitors to personally connect to these soldiers and sailors and the park itself.

In 2015 Palo Alto entered into a partnership with the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) for help with this massive undertaking. Pat Rand, FGS treasurer, was assigned to be the project coordinator. According to FGS President Faye Stalling, “Pat Rand has always been one to give of her time and energy. She is a committed volunteer who never quits.”
Pat came in with an incredibly focused drive and determination. She immediately started recruiting and training volunteers to assist in this tedious task of entering data. She kept in contact with each volunteer and patiently answered all their questions to ensure they understood the task.

Dedication and Devotion
Pat devoted four years to the Database. In the first two years, she spent hours entering data. She then dedicated two more years recruiting more volunteers to ensure data accuracy.

Karen Weaver, Palo Alto park ranger who spearheaded the database, worked closely with Pat. “She is a go-getter who refuses to give up. Her energy motivated others to join. The database could not have been completed without Pat Rand.”

Oralia Fernandez, Palo Alto Superintendent, recognized Pat Rand and noted her service “has made exceptional and lasting improvements to advance the mission of Palo Alto Battlefield NHP.”

Source: Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

Posted On: August 21, 2020 at 06:06PM