New Records from Fiae from the French Caribbean, France, and the Netherlands is one of the large online genealogical record websites that emphasizes records in France. It is also a Partner website. Quoting from the website,

Created by Toussaint Roze in 1994, FILAE has developed, over the years, a unique expertise in the development of innovative technologies to facilitate public access to its roots for everyone.

Thanks to the legal advances in opendata and in the reuse of public archives, the firm launched in December 2016, a revolutionary new offer :

Based on a bigdata platform coupled with algorithms constantly improved thanks to "machine learning", this service allows users to easily build their family tree from digitalized archives, transcribed and indexed in a unique search engine.

The website has over 7 million users and millions upon millions of useful genealogical records. You may wish to spend some time looking at the website if you are not already familiar with its contents. 


Source: Genealogy’s Star

Posted On: May 19, 2021 at 01:51PM