My Favorite Genealogy Tool for Evernote

I’ve been using a "third-party" tool for Evernote for over two years now and I wanted to share how much I love it AND how it can be a great genealogy tool (I use it for everything but it’s really great for genealogy).

[If you use OneNote, this will also work and it also works with other apps like Dropbox and Google Docs—and more— so you don’t have to be an Evernote user to use this.]

What’s this tool?


OK, technically it isn’t one tool.

You might have seen Rocketbook on SharkTank (I didn’t but even my mom says "oh, that was on SharkTank!" so I guess I’m just weird).

I started with a Rocketbook notebook set I found on Amazon. Seemed like a cool idea and right up my alley. I love paperless.

Source: The Occasional Genealogist

Posted On: May 14, 2021 at 03:03PM