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We are just two days away from this awesome opportunity to hear from this panel of experienced genealogists. I have known Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Louise Cooke for many years and they are some of the most consistently, outstanding and dedicated promoters and educators in the world genealogical community. Daniel Horowitz is a wonder. He is easily the most traveled and knowledgeable genealogist in the long history of genealogical research. I think Daniel has probably spoken in more different places to more genealogy societies and in more countries than anyone has ever done. I have met Maureen Taylor on a few occasions over the years and have admired her unbelievable knowledge of genealogy, history, and photography. Her website is a great asset to all those who have an interest in genealogy. Roberta Estes and Diahan Suthard are worldwide experts in DNA testing and the use of the results from the tests. Both of these DNA experts have had an enormous impact on the greater genealogy community and are well-known outside the field of genealogy.

This panel discussion will be a marvelous opportunity for the entire genealogical community to review some of the issues of this particularly difficult year and hear what may develop in the world of genealogy in the upcoming, more promising year. 
This presentation will be LIVE on Facebook on the MyHeritage Facebook page, 
on December 30th at 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. By the way, if you were not aware of the MyHeritage Facebook page, you might want to check out the Videos section. There are a huge number. of inspiring and informational videos waiting for you. You can also see videos on the YouTube Channel. Don’t forget that also has a rapidly growing educational website the MyHeritage Education Knowledge Base, with more videos and other resources. 

Source: Genealogy’s Star

Posted On: December 28, 2020 at 10:28AM