How to Get a DNA Test with Relatives Who Can’t Spit

see email from Diahan 11-26-19 – we can use his story but not his name

My uncle has severe Alzheimer. I have tried to get enough spit from him for Ancestry to test but have been unsuccessful.

From Diahan: It might be a long shot, but you may try using a swab to get your uncle’s DNA into Ancestry. Here are some instructions for that if you want to try:

Happy Thanksgiving AND I want to THANK YOU for giving me the formula for saliva. I used it for my Uncle not knowing if it would work. Turns out, the home where my Uncle is staying did not even try to obtain saliva with the 2nd Ancestry kit. It was unopened when I got there even though they had said they could not get any saliva the previous 3 times I had been there.

he could not spit but his mouth has lots of saliva when I started doing the cheek rub. I got it. 3 weeks later I got the results.

Source: Your DNA Guide Blog – Your DNA Guide

Posted On: August 20, 2020 at 03:15AM