How to find free genealogy records with Lisa Louise Cooke plus a lot more videos to watch

If you haven’t been watching Lisa Louise Cooke’s free video series, Elevenses with Lisa, I recommend starting with last week’s episode, How to Find Free Genealogy Records. It’s an excellent presentation for new genealogists and a good refresher for intermediate and experienced genealogists.

The presentation is divided into four parts:

  • Free and Online: FamilySearch, Google, WorldCat
  • Online and Subscription: Ancestry, MyHeritage, Findmypast, niche sites
  • Free and Locally Offline: Libraries, archives, universities
  • Offline and Distant: Examples include the National Archives, Allen County Library, Family History Library, NEHGS

Even though I’m a long-time genealogist and have frequently done research on almost all of the sites discussed, I learned a few tips and tricks, including where to find the cool snipping scissors on Google Books. Several times, I paused the video to conduct my own searches after watching Ms. Cooke do hers.

Elevenses with Lisa appears live every Thursday on Genealogy Gems at noon Eastern time, and the recording is available soon after. Each episode includes show notes. How to Find Free Genealogy Records is the 21st episode.

I’ve attended Ms. Cooke’s presentations on Googling in person and also bought her book on the subject, but I still intend to watch episode 13, How to Get Better Google Search Results Faster. I always learn something new when watching her speak.

I expect the episode about Google will keep me distracted on my family history research for several hours. Once I come up for air and take a break, I’ll probably watch episodes two and three about how to avoid rabbit holes.

Source: Genealogy à la carte

Posted On: August 27, 2020 at 06:10AM