Explore Ontario Ancestors’ new online master library catalogue

Ontario Ancestors has consolidated the library collections of its branches and special interest groups (SIGs) into one online master library catalogue that can be searched by members and visitors.

Executive Director Megan Houston wrote in the latest issue of the society’s newsletter, Newsleaf, “While this is still a work in progress, it features more than 30,000 titles from 13 branches and SIGs, plus the society’s research collection. This searchable catalogue allows you to enter to subject, name, or location and it will pull relevant sources from all of the collections into one easy list!”

The master library catalogue also includes journals from a number of other societies that are in branches’ libraries.

Always on the hunt for my Fyvies who lived in Aberdeenshire, I searched in the catalogue for Fyvie and found a listing at the Ottawa branch for an Aberdeen and North-East Scotland Family History Society journal, published in 2017. The issue features an article about A Mary Fyvie mystery and a Greig connection: extensive family history and family tree. My great-great-great-grandmother Mary Fyvie happens to be one of my brickwalls, so I plan to learn how to access this journal once the library re-opens.

A search of Picton, the town where my Irish Dever ancestors settled in 1862, also proved fruitful. There were 34 results, with probably half at the Quinte Branch, but several at the Ottawa Branch that is closer to where I live, and others as far away as the Sudbury Branch.

As for improvements, it would be helpful if the Repository column could be used as a filter to narrow down the results to a particular branch or SIG. Still, it’s not overly cumbersome to see the results for all repositories.

Unfortunately, the catalogue isn’t easy to view on a cell phone.

The master library catalogue is available on the main Ontario Ancestors website, located under the Libraries tab.

Nice work, Ontario Ancestors aka Ontario Genealogical Society.

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Posted On: June 20, 2021 at 06:11AM