Documentary about the Irish Famine on YouTube

Liam Neeson narrates The Hunger: The Story of the Irish Famine, a two-part documentary produced to mark the 175th anniversary of the Great Famine. It was broadcast a month ago on RTÉ 1 television and can be viewed on YouTube, perhaps for a limited time.

If interested in watching this documentary, you may want to watch it sooner rather than later in case it’s removed from the YouTube channel.

The documentary tells the story of the disaster, from the failure of British policy in Ireland to the generosity of the Choctaw Nation, from the roles played by women during the Famine to the effects of Irish emigration all over the world, and from evictions to food riots.

In conjunction with the documentary, a website on the Great Irish Famine was launched. 

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Posted On: December 28, 2020 at 06:07AM