Ancestry Makes Significant Additions to Holocaust Files


From Ancestry’s announcement today of significant additions to Holocaust files:

"Today, we are proud to announce another significant addition to our philanthropic initiative to preserve important records related to the Holocaust. In partnership with Arolsen Archives, Ancestry has completed our digitized, searchable collection of more than 19 million Holocaust and Nazi persecution-related records. 

We also are humbled and honored to announce our new partnership with USC Shoah Foundation to publish an index to nearly 50,000 Jewish Holocaust survivor testimonies that contain information on more than 600,000 additional relatives and other individuals found in survivor questionnaires. 

Both of these collections will be available for free, in perpetuity, for everyone at

The complete announcement can be found at Our Commitment to Preserving the Memory of the Holocaust


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Source: The Ancestor Hunt – Blog

Posted On: August 27, 2020 at 04:41PM