A New, Free Online Resource of 360 Million United States Court Records

I could make a rather poor joke that none of MY ancestors would be listed in court records but, of course, I would be wrong. Every family has a few people who end up on the wrong side of the law. HOWEVER, court records also list millions of victims, witnesses, law-enforcement personnel, judges, and other people as well.

360 million court cases could be a great treasure house for genealogists.

The site is https://www.judyrecords.com/ and is completely free, no credit card, no advertising, no sign ups, etc. and has over 360 million US court records that are completely free to search.

It has case types that are particularly important for genealogy research like marriage, divorces, probate/estates, name changes, and adoption records.

  • marriage – 4,369,504 cases
  • divorce – 6,979,501 cases
  • estate – 4,968,717 cases
  • probate – 5,580,719 cases
  • name change – 2,900,354 cases
  • adoption – 77,157 cases

About 10 to 15 million new court cases are being added every month.

The user interface is a bit basic, maybe best described as stark: “Just the facts ma’am, nothing but the facts.” In this case, I would say that is a good thing. No ads in your face, no begging for money. Just the data. Here is a screen shot of the home page:

See what I mean?

Try it yourself at https://www.judyrecords.com.

Source: Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter https://blog.eogn.com

Posted On: August 24, 2020 at 01:55PM