1,362 Free Online Vermont Collections Available Now in 16 Genealogy Record Categories


Are you doing Vermont genealogy research and looking for Free Online Vermont Genealogy Records? Click on a link for your desired free collection links (1,362 links to Free Collections for Vermont):

Obituaries – http://bit.ly/2I6mKcm
Newspapers – http://bit.ly/2GNkVRY
Yearbooks – http://bit.ly/2Mz2mTm
Birth, Marriage, and Death Info – http://bit.ly/2F0R064
Photos – http://bit.ly/2Kvm55H
Divorce Records – https://bit.ly/3fyX0FD
Voter Lists – http://bit.ly/2YAUvdi
Coroner’s Records – http://bit.ly/2H9iavq
Probate and Wills – http://bit.ly/2LWuZLp
Church Records – http://bit.ly/36x8THO
Immigration Records – http://bit.ly/2SzTwJq
Naturalizations – http://bit.ly/2qmP86L
School Records – http://bit.ly/39qEZXH
City Directories – https://bit.ly/2OMXGMM
Mortuary Records – https://bit.ly/2RVPJGy
Alumni Records – https://bit.ly/3eUI4TB

By the way, you can always access these all the time on the By Location page.

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Posted On: December 25, 2020 at 01:16PM